Operation Legacy

Child amputees have “taken up the torch” of remembrance to commemorate the sacrifices of those who served and pay tribute to the war amputees who have dedicated their life towards the security and integrity of the nation.

Child amputees are honored to participate in Operation Legacy events and national remembrance initiatives. There are many ways these members help pass the message of remembrance to the younger generation:

  • Wreath layings on Remembrance Day and at commemorative ceremonies throughout the year
  • Presentations and displays for schools, community groups and local events
  • Letters to the editor that inform the public about important military heritage anniversaries.
  • Candlelight ceremonies and other special events

A young male double leg amputee holding a Remembrance Day wreath standing in front of a cenotaph.

By participating in wreath laying ceremonies, child amputees like Jericho remember the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers and veterans.