About Us

American Global Network Foundation is a team of philanthropists, leaders of industries and volunteers working together towards Fulfilling the ultimate goal of making the world a better place, we are driven by the need to give back to those in need especially the disadvantaged ones in our various communities. The Foundation has been funding institutions as well as operating programs in the United States, Canada, Asia and Africa. Driven by a strong belief in the powerful role and responsibility of philanthropy, the Foundation empowers people by supporting a broad range of organizations, facilitating innovative outcomes and increasing knowledge and understanding in the search for practical and novel solutions.

At the American Global Network Foundation we are passionate about the promise and importance of a rigorous but creative approach to philanthropy, strategic collaborations and leadership and bold forward thinking, building a large network of funders, project financiers, medical practitioners as well as project volunteers. We believe these are the keys to knowledge that will create positive outcomes for future generations. We aim to achieve measurable impact in our priority areas and to improve the lives of others.