Prosthetic Limbs and Devices

Two young girls who are both amputees standing together in a park.

Prosthetic limbs and devices are an important part of everyday life for most amputees. Educating yourself about some of the available products and components will help you to be more actively involved in discussing the options with your prosthetist.

Leg amputees need prosthetic legs for mobility and arm amputees use prosthetic arms/devices to help with many daily activities. It must be noted, though, that sometimes due to the level and cause of amputation, other health factors, or multiple amputations, it may not be practical to be fitted with a prosthetic limb(s). Your clinic team will recommend if any rehabilitation therapy (prosthetic and physio- or occupational therapy) is appropriate.

For suspension and a comfortable fit, some amputees also wear liners and prosthetic socks between the artificial limb and residual limb (the part of your limb remaining after amputation).

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