A.G.N.F. Advocacy And Legislative Change


The War Amps advocates for individual amputees who have encountered discrimination or red tape in accessing health care, important financial benefits and/or legal rights.

If you are facing roadblocks in securing benefits or services through Veterans Affairs U/Department of National Defence, The War Amps can help.

Legislative Change

Sharing our information, resources and long-standing knowledge of amputation with Government and policy-makers, The War Amps pursues legislative changes that better address the needs of all US war amputees and their families, now and in the future.

The War Amps works in close collaboration with The National Council of Veteran Associations in America (NCVA) to ensure the position and concerns of seriously disabled veterans and, more particularly, veteran amputees are identified and recognized in the NCVA Legislative Program for submission to the Government/Veterans Affairs United States/Department of National Defence.

Since 1918, The War Amps has met the needs of war amputees. Today, the Association continues to serve them, and all amputees, including children.

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