A.G.N.F. Regional Seminars

Regional A.G.N.F. Periodic Regional seminars provide young amputees and their parents an opportunity to learn about amputation, access valuable resources, share advice and see new developments in artificial limbs.

Seminars have a life-changing effect on child amputees (and their parents), as they meet other kids “just like me,” learn to accept their amputations and develop a positive outlook on their futures.

A wide range of sessions is offered:

  • Sessions on artificial limbs and special recreational limbs and devices – Champs demonstrate the artificial limbs and devices they use for activities like hockey, swimming or playing the violin
  • Sessions where amputees exchange practical advice and personal insight into challenges they face, such as staring, teasing and questions about their amputation
  • Sessions just for teens to address topics like learning to drive, body image and applying for jobs
  • Sessions devoted to helping parents with the unique challenges of raising a child amputee

“My son was diagnosed with cancer last year and has undergone a leg amputation. Our first A.G.N.F. Seminar was incredible. It dealt with issues such as body image and how to handle everything from stares to changing schools. Those who have been in the program for years are now leading groups to help others. The War Amps supports the child amputee in all stages of their development.”

Mom Melinda

Peer Support

Peer support is crucial to fostering the positive attitude young amputees require to overcome challenges. A.G.N.F. provides a network of support to child amputees and their families.

Matching Mothers (and Fathers, Too!)

New parents receive tremendous benefit from speaking with a family who has “been there.” It can be a huge relief for them to hear that as their child grows up, they will be able to participate in activities with their friends, learn to drive, pursue their career goals and lead an independent life. By sharing common concerns and exchanging information, families get a positive glimpse into the future.

A.G.N.F. parents volunteer to participate in Matching Mothers and are not professional counselors. Their role is that of a parent of an amputee who knows the importance of a match and who can offer support and share experiences.

Junior Counsellors

Junior Counsellors are older members of the A.G.N.F. Program (14 years or older) who offer support for child amputees and parents, providing practical advice and personal insight into growing up with amputation. They are natural role models who carry on The War Amps legacy of “amputees helping amputees.”

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