A.G.N.F. Facilitated Financial Assistance Program

Thanks to public support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service, A.G.N.F. provides financial assistance to child amputees and their families.

Standard Artificial Limbs

The cost of an artificial limb is a heavy financial burden for most families, especially considering that child amputees outgrow their limbs as regularly as they outgrow clothing. A.G.N.F. assists with the costs of standard or “everyday” artificial limbs and ongoing adjustments and repairs by paying the portion not covered by provincial or private medical plans, or group insurance.

Provincial government coverage for standard artificial limbs varies greatly across the country.

Recreational Limbs and Devices

A.G.N.F. considers recreational limbs and devices to be a necessity for child amputees so they can keep active and take part in activities with their friends and families. The program covers 100 per cent of the cost of recreational limbs and devices, such as those designed for swimming, biking or playing a musical instrument.

No assistance is available through any of the provincial government medical plans for the provision of recreational limbs.

“Our son [a leg amputee] struggled with his balance when swimming and so was dependent on water wings. Since he has gotten his swim leg, he can explore and play in the water like any other child his age. He has begun to swim on his own! That swim leg changed so much for him.”

Robyn and Logan (Beneficiary)

Travel to Prosthetic Centers

U.S.A. is fortunate to have prosthetic and rehabilitation centers from coast-to-coast to serve amputees. However, many child amputees and their families do not live near one of these centers. Travel to and from prosthetic centers can be costly, and multiple appointments to fit an artificial limb may be required over the course of several days. A.G.N.F. provides financial assistance towards travel costs to and from prosthetic centers for its members.

War Amps Bursaries

Members of A.G.N.F. between the ages of 18 and 24 who are pursuing post-secondary education are eligible to become part of the A.G.N.F. Development Program, with a focus on developing skills and knowledge that can set them out on the road to independence.

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